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CrossFit Weddington

power · accuracy · flexibility · coordination · balance

CrossFit Weddington

strength · endurance · stamina · speed · agility

Holiday / Vacation Schedule

CrossFit Weddington will be closed on Monday for the 4th of July.

CrossFit Weddington will run on a limited schedule July 18th – July 21st
The 5:30am and 10am classes will be our only classes in the morning.
The 18th and 19th will have 5:30pm only in the evening.
The 20th and 21st will run on a regular afternoon schedule.
We will return to our regular schedule on Friday, July 22nd.

Latest WOD

  • 30JUN

    063016 WOD Thursday

    CrossFit Weddington – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Activity (No Measure) 5 min of constant movement w/ KB Single Leg RDL Face Pulls Arm Circles Hip Circles Ankle Mobility Calf Smash Pistol Practice Banded Hami Stretch Monster Walk Bear Crawl Banded GM Sky Walker (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 25 min AMRAP 500m Row 20 Over

  • 29JUN

    062916 WOD Wednesday

    CrossFit Weddington – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Love CLT (No Measure) 300m Run ‘3x100m” 3 min Foam Roll Upper T’s 3 rnd Banded Complex 3 Rnds 10 Squat 10 Push-up 10 Ring Row Bear Crawl3 Rounds are as a group and . Pick a skill to work on for 10 min…. Sound of Silence (AMRAP

  • 28JUN

    062816 WOD Tuesday

    CrossFit Weddington – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Bandazled (No Measure) 3 min Zone 1 5 min Foam Roll and Couch Stretch E:30 for 5 min E: Banded Complex O: 10 Alt Lunge & 10 Squat switch every :30 between movements Wittman (Time) Seven rounds: 1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 15 reps 95 pound Power clean, 15

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