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Latest WOD

  • 102017 WOD Friday

    CrossFit Weddington – CrossFit Be Movin (No Measure) 3 min Zone 1 Wall Squats x10 with pause in bottom Ankle Mobility Lunge Complex x 50 ft Leg Swings x20 per side Single Leg RDL x10 per leg Banded GM x20 Banded Shoulder Complex x3 w/ 5 per spot Bottoms Up Press x10 per side Bear

  • 101917 WOD Thursday

    CrossFit Weddington – CrossFit Activity (No Measure) 5 min of constant movement w/ KB Single Leg RDL Face Pulls Arm Circles Hip Circles Ankle Mobility Calf Smash Pistol Practice Banded Hami Stretch Monster Walk Bear Crawl Banded GM A: 2 Snatch DL + 1 Hang Snatch (12 min to work to a heavy complex) C:

  • 101817 WOD Wednesday

    CrossFit Weddington – CrossFit Pre Workout (No Measure) 3 Minutes of Zone1 + 7-9 minutes of Mobility *Ankles, Hips, T-spine, Shoulders *Foam Roll Lats *Lacrosse Ball Scap *Lacrosse Ball Pec *Foam Roll Hamstring down to calves *Side Lying DB ext x 10/side *Single Leg RDL x 10/side *Monster Walk A1: Half Kneeling Land Mine Press