• 061617 WOD Friday

    CrossFit Weddington – CrossFit

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    Work Prep 1 (No Measure)

    3 minutes constant kb movement

    7-9 minutes of mobility / activation work

    *ankles, hips, t-spine, shoulders

    *foam roll lats

    *lacrosse ball pec

    *foam roll hamstring down to calves

    *side lying 5lb ext. rot. x 10/side

    *bottoms up press x 10/side

    *single leg RDL x 10/side

    *pvc pass through x10

    *monster walk

    A: Bulgarian Split Squats (5×5 per Leg)

    Single Leg Squat with back leg on a box

    B: Hip Bridge (3×8-10)

    C: Strict Pull-up

    Max Rep Strict Pull-up x 3 with 90 sec between attempts. Score is reps from all 3 sets. Any grip no kip…

    D: Climb the Ladder (AMRAP – Reps)

    10 min Ladder

    DB Snatch 45/25



    Rx+ 50/35

    Finishing Act (No Measure)

    3 Rounds

    20 Banded Tricep Ext

    1 Min Plank

    20 Mtn Climbers

    1 min Down Dog

    :30 Couch Stretch per Side