• 101817 WOD Wednesday

    CrossFit Weddington – CrossFit

    Pre Workout (No Measure)

    3 Minutes of Zone1


    7-9 minutes of Mobility

    *Ankles, Hips, T-spine, Shoulders

    *Foam Roll Lats

    *Lacrosse Ball Scap

    *Lacrosse Ball Pec

    *Foam Roll Hamstring down to calves

    *Side Lying DB ext x 10/side

    *Single Leg RDL x 10/side

    *Monster Walk

    A1: Half Kneeling Land Mine Press (4×8-10 per Arm)

    A2: Rear Delt DB Flies (4×8-10)

    B1: DB Row (3×5-7 per Arm Heavy)

    B2: Push-ups (3xMax Reps in :30sec)

    C: Don’t Drop Baby (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

    10 min AMRAP

    100m Baby Carrie 50/20 slamball

    200m Run

    Finished (No Measure)

    3 rounds

    50m OH Plate Walk

    :30 sec Couch Stretch each side

    1 min Straddle Stretch

    Down Dog 1 min