• 021418 WOD Wednesday

    CrossFit Weddington – CrossFit

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    Be Movin (No Measure)

    3 min Zone 1

    Wall Squats x10 with pause in bottom

    Ankle Mobility

    Lunge Complex x 50 ft

    Leg Swings x20 per side

    Single Leg RDL x10 per leg

    Banded GM x20

    Banded Shoulder Complex x3 w/ 5 per spot

    Bottoms Up Press x10 per side

    Monster Walk x 50 ft each way

    3x 50ft Banded Bear Crawl
    Banded Shoulder Wall Clocks

    A1: Half Kneeling Land Mine Press (4×7 per Arm)

    low pull band in opposing hand for added difficulty

    A2: Banded Face Pulls (4×20)

    B1: Single Arm Landmine Row (4×8-10 per Arm)

    B2: Push-ups (4xMax Reps to an ABMAT)

    C: Be My Valentine (No Measure)

    4 Rounds NFT

    50m Double KB Front Rack Walk

    50m KB Farmer Walk

    20 Banded Psoas March

    20 Russian Twist

    20 Banded Pull Apart
    Optional 4 Sets on DB Curls to failure and Banded Tricep Ext… it is broseshwednesday…..

    Finalizer (No Measure)

    3 Rounds

    :30 sec Couch Stretch per Side

    1 min Down Dog

    :30 sec Pigeon Stretch per Side

    20 Face Pulls

    1 min Straddle Stretch