The 4th Annual Rowathon will be held starting November 18th at 7pm

The 2017 Rowathon will begin November 18th at 6pm and have rowers going until November 19th at 6pm.  Proceeds will be donated to the Dream On 3 Organization. We will have at least one person rowing throughout the 24 hours.  There will be  twenty rowers available to reserve for 30 minute blocks (or more), so grab your friends and come out to support this great cause.  We’ll have music, movies through the night, raffles, etc. to keep us going.  If you are interested in sponsorships or raffle donations email


Anyone can row and we need your help to reach our goal!  Rowing slots are blocked off in 30 minute increments.  Grab your friends, family, coworkers, swim team, etc. and come out to row.  Every little bit helps as we set our sights to beat our meters from last year! Sign up for 30 minute time slots (or more) and just row.   If you have a large group and would like to reserve slots email and we can help coordinate early.

Rowing Slots are $10 per 30 minutes and can be paid at the door.

Max Meter Challenge

A great way to get your box involved.  For $50 local CrossFit Boxes or groups can block off a rower for 2 hours from 12p – 2p.  Rowers will be hooked up to the racing software and you can divide and conquer… teams are made up of 6 people (at least 1 woman rowing 20% of the time).  We will have a limited number of rowers available for the challenge.  Email to reserve today.


Our rowathon is made successful each year with the help of our sponsors.  We have two options for sponsorship at the Rowathon.  All sponsors will be promoted on the Rowathon website, email marketing, Facebook, as well as signs at the event.

Rower Sponsorship: $100
Your logo will be placed on the rower monitor for the event. We have a limited number of rowers at the event.  Email to reserve today.

Raffle Donations: Any Amount
In the past we’ve raffled off just about anything you can think of… Gift Cards, Artwork, Guitars, Paddleboards, Protein Powder, shirts, shoes… we’d love your support in any form.

If you have questions or would like to talk about other potential sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to

Current Sponsors

What is Dream on 3?

Dream On 3 brings sports dreams to life for qualified children by creating personal experiences with their favorite athletes, sporting event, or sports team. Our vision is to unite communities in promoting the dreams of our children. In that spirit, we partner with treating physicians and social workers to help us identify candidates for a Dream Experience. Once we select a Dream Recipient, all the details and arrangements for Dreams are handled by DO3 staff and volunteers. Our passion for kids with special needs combined with the Dream Kids’ passion for sports allows us to create an unforgettable experience and hopefully…a Dream come true.


Strong Like JJ

The CrossFit Weddington 24-Hour Rowathon began in 2014 to raise money for the family of Jovani Joseph Maggio (JJ), a beautiful 4yr old boy diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma (Rabdo-myo-sar-coma).  A tumor formed in his right lower leg and spread up to his pelvis.  The chemotherapy and radiation treatments did not work and Jovani’s cancer has spread.  After a grueling 12-month battle Jovani earned his angel wings and passed away in his parents arms on November 20th 2014. Throughout treatment he displayed a courage that is unfathomable, never complained and died fighting to his last breath. His fight was courageous and has made an impact all over the world via friends and social media. The term “Strong Like JJ” was born. His story and journey is now used as an example to make a change and raise awareness that childhood cancer is real and is effectively killing children and destroying families across the globe.