The 3rd Annual Rowathon will be held starting November 19th at 7pm

The 2016 Rowathon will begin November 19th at 7pm and have rowers going until November 20th at 7pm.  Proceeds will be donated to the Levine Children’s Cancer Center. We will have at least one person rowing throughout the 24 hours.  There will be twenty rowers available to reserve for 30 minute blocks (or more), so grab your friends and come out to support this great cause.  We’ll have music, movies through the night, raffles, etc. to keep us going.  If you are interested in sponsorships or raffle donations email


Grab your friends, family, coworkers, swim team, etc. and come out to row.  Anyone can row and over the course of these 24 hours we plan to do a lot.  Sign up for 30 minute time slots (or more) and just row.   If you have a large group and would like to reserve slots email and we can help coordinate early.

Rowing Slots are $10 per 30 minutes

Ready to Race?

This year we will hold our first Sunday Sprints & Team Relays.  Test your rowing ability in a live race format and see how your 1k time ranks against others in the South Charlotte area (or around the world).  Grab a group of 5 fast friends (at least 2 women per team) and see who takes the top spot in the 5k relay.  Heat assignments will begin at noon on Sunday.

1k Race is $15 per person / 5k Relay is $25 per team


Our rowathon is made successful each with the help of our sponsors.  Raffle donations are always welcome.  Please email or reach out to us at CrossFit Weddington if you are interested in sponsoring this great event.

Current Sponsors

Theunisse PT, Inc. | Grill Gear | Symcon | Therapeutic Opportunities | Platinum Hair Bar | RX Forge | Push Thai Boxing | Jen Cesaro Bodyworks and Massage Therapy | Dr. Ullas Svane Chiropractor | Europa Sports | The Juice Boxx | Raw Crunch Bars | kenT Youngstrom | Empire Pizza | Big View Diner | La Unica | Carolina Running | Mary Kay with Tiffany Claudio | Isagenix with Jenny Wilken | Heritage Waxhaw